SolStrip X3-3057B Dual Band

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SolStrip X3s offer dual-spectrum lighting, with 96 3000K and 48 5700K chips in each 86 watt strip. Together they emit up to 201 PPF per strip. The two color temperatures blend together to deliver the ideal 3900K average color temperature favored by many growers, while offering additional peaks in the deep blue and deep red spectral ranges.

Built with high efficiency top bin Samsung LM301B diodes on a high-performance copper-filled, aluminum backed PCB, SolStrips deliver the highest efficiency and diode density of any strip or board on the market. Also available as X3 SolStix with custom tapped heatsinks.

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Size: 400 mm x 40 mm (15.75” x 1.6”)
Power: 86 watts
Output: 210 PPF


LEDs: 144 diodes Samsung LM301B SL bin
CRI: 85
LED Color Temperature: 3000K/5000K
Efficacy: 2.6-2.8 umol/j

Power Consumption: 48-86 watts
Operating Current (If): 1800-3900 mA
Maximum Current: 3200 mA
Operating Voltage (Vf): 24.2 – 36.4 Vdc
Photosynthetic Flux: 210 umol/s


Materials: Aluminum on 2 oz. of RA copper core
Thickness: 1.6mm
Thermal conductivity coefficient: 1.5
Mounting Options: M3 screw holes, thermal tape
Electrical Connectors: 2 x 18-22 AWG push-in

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Dimensions 18 × 3 × 0.1 in


  1. SolStrip Team

    You won’t regret the investment in SolStrips. Yields per watt are up easily 25%. Trichrome production is off the charts. Single best grow investment I ever made. -Esrgood4u

  2. SolStrip Team

    I am definitely lovin’ the SolStrips. If you are putting together a cabinet or tent or whatever then they are what I’d go with…. -KingGhidora

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