SolStrip X2 Red/Blue

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Enhance the spectral density of your SolStrip system with this top quality red/blue mono diode strip that combines quality and value. SolStrip X2 Red/Blue strips are perfect for augmenting a white LED spectrum by adding powerful deep red and deep blue spectrum that will promote the Emerson effect and turbocharge photosynthesis from veg stage through harvest. Reduces bloom maturation variability and shortens time to harvest by up to 15% without reducing yields.

Powered by 32 deep-red 660nm and 8 royal blue 455nm diodes to deliver up to 48 watts of targeted spectrum in the wavelengths plants use most. Completely interchangeable with SolStrip X2 strips and heatsinks in 24v systems.

Features state-of-the-art three-watt color diodes by made by ProLight Opto of Taiwan, which meet and exceed the quality of Cree XPE LEDs, with better thermal management and greater resistance to humidity, at a significant cost savings over other monochrome diodes.

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LED components: ProLight Opto Phenix 3535 diodes, 350ma, 3w
-32 diodes Crimson 660nm (PK2N-3LME-HSD)
-8 diodes Royal Blue 455nm (PK2N-3LDE-SDR)
Operating power: 34 – 48 watts
Forward voltage: 24 vdc
Operating current: 1800 mA
Maximum current: 2400 mA

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 1 × .3 in

X2-660-455 SolStrip only, X2 SolStix – strip and heatsink


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