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Take the hassle and cost out of sourcing heatsinks for your LED strip lighting project. SolStix combine our SolStrip LED strips and with custom-fitted heatsinks to create the building blocks for open rack-style lamp designs. Our custom-designed anodized heatsinks are sized and tapped to fit X2 and X3 format SolStrips, and include additional tapped holes at each end to allow them to be easily attached to common 1” angle aluminum rails. Each SolStix includes one SolStrip and one custom heatsink, plus mounting screws.

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Each SolStix includes one SolStrip LED strip and one custom-fitted aluminum heatsink. Mounting screws are included.

Size: 450 mm x 27 mm (15.75” x 1.2”)
Power consumption: 58 watts
Output: 150 PPF


LEDs: 94 diodes Samsung LM301B SL bin, four diodes Osram Square 3.24 Hyper Red
LED Color Temperature: 3000K/5000K/660nm
CRI: 80
Operating current (If): 1800 mA – 2800 mA
Max recommended current: 2400 mA
Operating Voltage (Vf): 18.4 to 24.3 Vdc
Efficacy: 3.03-3.10 umol/j


Materials: Aluminum on 2 oz. RA copper core
Thickness: 1.6mm
Thermal conductivity coefficient: 1.5
Mounting Options: M3 screw holes, thermal tape
Electrical Connectors: 2 x 18-22 AWG push-in


Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 1 × .5 in

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  1. Anonymous

    After my summer of awful vegging, I decided it was time to ditch my improvised cheap LED + T5 setup, and I decided to give SolStrips a whirl. In the end, they hooked me up with a complete, pre-assembled kit — 6 strips in all, 3500k temperature, and dimmable power supply.
    My initial impression was “OH MY GOD I’M BLIND WHY DID I PLUG THEM IN WHEN THEY’RE FACING UP.” Things were much better after I hung them up and turned down the current a bit… it’s shocking how cool they run, considering how much light they put out. Every so often, the future ends up being pretty neat.
    My babies are growing a lot  I’m very pleased with the #solstrip fixtures so far, and can’t imagine that opinion is going to change. Internodal distance with 3500K is great, and everything is lush and happy. Praise be to the weed gods. -Oranje

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