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The powerful SolSheet X delivers up to 1475 PPF in an ultra-sleek lightweight 18″ x 26″ reflector housing with just 2 inches of vertical profile, using the most efficient full-spectrum diodes available on the market. The perfect light for tent gardens and multi-light production spaces. Fully assembled to order with 285 watts maximum output plus an improved protective acrylic splash guard and waterproof power cabling. Each lamp includes two of our industry-leading X4 SolStrips, our 150w, 288-diode light engine featuring 100% Samsung 301H top bin diodes; a fully-wired remote dimmable Mean Well driver on four feet of cable; and waterproof connectors for plug-and-grow convenience.

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LED components:  Two SolStrip X4-3500H strips with a total of 576 Samsung LM301H diodes
Coverage area: 2×3 ft bloom, 3×4 ft veg at recommended operating output
Avg Light Intensity: 1275 PPFD at 12 inches
Photosynthetic Flux Efficacy: 2.8 umols/j

Driver: Mean Well HLG-240H-24A
Maximum output: 285 watts actual draw
Recommended operating output: 240-270 watts
Power connector: waterproof screw-together connector

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Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 20 × 5 in
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  1. Anonymous

    I run 4 250W SolSheets – 18 strips total on two 320 watts PS (35.5w per strip) in a 5×5 tent and they run a few degrees above ambient temperature. Can’t say I’ve heard too many QB owners making that statement especially if they had to use a cookie sheet for a heatsink lol.
    I have a 600 watt hid in a 5×5 tent on the same floor with the same inline fan (hid vents outside no filter) and within minutes of opening that tent I’m melting. Also I have to run the 600 at 30 inches from the canopy to try to deal with the heat.
    The Solstrips out-produce the 600 watt hid system hands down yield is closer to the 1000 watt super hps and they allow me to run at 2 to 3 inches above the canopy with no issues they require less headroom in the tent and provide even coverage maximizing your space. If the inverse square law keeps you up at night sleep easy with Solstrips. Running at 2-3 inches from the canopy keeps falloff to a minimum and provides me excellent penetration with no larf and if you want to see buds grown with them head over to my random photo thread.
    Solstrips and LEDs in general may not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you’re looking for great LEDs and an easy turnkey or DIY solution for transitioning to LEDs give Solstrips a try. -50State

  2. Wayne Sunstrum

    Don’t waste ur money on Amazon or Mars get’er done with any one of these lights. Can’t wait until I can get another one ☝️ -Alberta Canada

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