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This “Gavita killer” delivers up to 1475 PPFD across a 16 s.f. area from an ultra-sleek 18″ x 26″ reflector housing with just 2 inches of vertical profile, using the most efficient full-spectrum diodes available on the market. Assembled to order in your choice of single and dual-band spectral combinations; 600 watt maximum output driver with dual power leads; plus upgraded acrylic splash guard and waterproof cabling. Each of the two lamps includes two of our industry-leading SolStrips X4 boards, our premium 150w, 288-diode light engine featuring 100% Samsung 301H top bin diodes; a fully-wired 550w dimmable Mean Well driver on four feet of cable; and waterproof connectors for plug-and-grow convenience. The best PAR per dollar available, period.

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Includes two 26 x 18 inch SolSheet X lamps, each with two SolStrip X4-3500H strips with a total of 576 Samsung LM301H SL bin diodes
Coverage area: 4×4 ft bloom, 5×6 ft veg at recommended operating output
Avg Light Intensity: 1475 PPFD at 12 inches
Photosynthetic Flux Efficacy: 2.9 umols/j

Driver: Mean Well HLG-480H-24A with dual power leads
Maximum output: 555 watts actual draw
Recommended operating output: 480-525 watts
Power connector: waterproof screw-together connector

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 18 × 6 in
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3 reviews for SolSheet DBLX

  1. Anonymous

    I am happier than a pig in shit. Extraordinary difference from hps. And I switched from a 1k with expensive bulbs. -Happy Hemper

  2. Anonymous

    I have 4 SolSheets running off two 320 watt power supplies on 18 strips a mix of 2700k and 3500k strips in a 5×5 tent. They are passive cooled and haven’t gotten over 36 degrees. I can spray in my tent now without worrying of an exploding light bulb raining fire and death upon me which is nice. They produce an even coverage of light filling the entire footprint of the tent so plants on the tents edge produce as well as the center. They produce well and the final product is amazing; two years and no problems. I plan on revamping the veg tent one of these days with SolStrips when I have the time and money. -50State

  3. yo

    These lights were so good, that my wife slept with Potsquatch.

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