SolStrip X2


The next generation in state-of-the-art white LED technology for indoor growers, reef tank and reptile enthusiasts. 9000 lumens per strip, in three color temperatures to suit your custom needs. The X2 generation delivers the same technology and performance of the original SolStrip X1 in a slimmer, sleeker profile with improved thermal management from a heavier copper core and aluminum backing.

SolStrip X2s have 96 Samsung LM561C top bin diodes on a 48 watt, 40 cm strip that can be combined to create any spectrum, or series of spectrums, the grower wants. They have the highest diode density of any strip or board around using the Samsung chips, at 1.25 cm2 per diode. 

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Size: 400 mm x 30 mm (15.75” x 1.2”)
Power consumption: 48 watts
Output: 9000 lumens

Compare to:

- Samsung H Series H22D x 2 = 1 SolStrip X2
- Samsung H Series HB562D x 4 = 1 SolStrip X2
- HLG Quantum 288 chip board = 3 SolStrip X2s
- Photon Fantom 240 chip Sunboard = 2.5 SolStrip X2s

LEDs: 96 diodes Samsung LM561C S6 bin
Color rendering index: 80

Operating current (If): 1400 mA - 2000 mA
Max current: 2400 mA
Operating Voltage (Vf): 18.4 to 24.2 Vdc
Luminous Flux: 7200 – 9000 lm
Efficacy: 161 – 212 lm/w

PCB materials: Aluminum on 2 oz. RA copper core 
Thickness: 1.6mm 
Thermal conductivity coefficient: 1.5
Mounting Options: M3 screw holes, thermal tape
Electrical Connectors: 2 x 18-22 AWG push-in

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Samsung LM561C datasheet

Samsung LM561C datasheet

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