SolSheet X


The powerful 250 watt SolSheet X delivers up to 45,000 lumens per square meter in an ultra-sleek reflector housing with just 3 inches of vertical profile. Includes five X2 or three X3 SolStrips in a range of color temperatures to customize your spectrum to suit your needs. Add a fully wired driver on four feet of cable and waterproof connectors for plug-and-grow convenience.

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Maximum output: 250 watts
LED components:5 SolStrip X2 strips with a total of 480 Samsung LM561 diodes
Coverage area: 2x3 ft bloom, 3x4 ft veg at recommended operating output
Recommended operating output: 125-200 watts
Recommended driver: 24vdc 5-8.3A constant current dimmable
Power connector: waterproof screw-together connector

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