SolSheet Original


The original SolSheet: 27,000 lumens of high efficiency LED light distributed across a 13" x 18" 12 gauge thick aluminum baking sheet. Just two inches high, this lamp is the perfect light for cabinet and tent gardens, and small reef tanks and vivariums. Fully assembled, including three X2 or two X3 model SolStrips in your choice of color temperature, mounted acrylic splash guard, heat sinks and waterproof power cabling.

DC Constant Voltage
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Maximum output: 150 watts
Recommended operating output: 75-120 watts
LED components:3 SolStrip X2 strips with a total of 288 Samsung LM561 diodes
Coverage area: 2x2 ft bloom, 3x3 ft veg at recommended operating output
Recommended driver: 24vdc 3500-5000 mA constant current dimmable
Power connector: waterproof screw-together connector

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