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Introducing the SolStrip X3: Dual-Band COB Killer

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We are excited to introduce the next addition to the SolStrip line of LED grow strips: the X3.

The X3 is our first dual-band strip, offering 96 Samsung LM561C diodes in deep red-rich 2700K, set with 48 diodes of blue-soaked 5700K, together on a 72 watt, 3-row strip. While yielding a blended color temperature of 3700K, the spectral output features growth-charging spikes in the deep red and deep blue wavelengths.

The X3 also benefits from the higher efficiency of the 5700K chips, which helps the X3 deliver over 14,000 lumens/sq.meter a 12” at efficiency rates of up to 212 lumens/watt.

But dual-band may not even be the best feature of the X3. Like many of you, we at Photon Solutions started our LED DIY journey with COBs. We have lots of COB-based lights, and still use them. We have a lot of time and money invested in drivers and heat sinks used in our COB lights. We like our COBs, but we like LED strips more. With the X3, we can have both.

Because the X3 has a total of 144 Samsung diodes, it operates at 36 volts, the most common voltage for popular COBs made by Cree, Bridgelux, Citizen and many others. Which means all of your COB equipment can be used with the X3 strips, making retrofits and repurposing of your COB lamps a snap.

And with an operating current range of 1000-2400 mA, the X3 will work comfortably alongside COBs of a similar wattage in mixed lighting arrays, offering a whole new realm of interesting lighting array possibilities for the DIYer.

Have a Timber COB rack with a couple of low-light spots? Add a couple of X3s to the array to even everything out.

Have a six-foot, 30-pound aluminum heatsink you paid $200 for and would really like to use for something other than a boat anchor? Re-deploy it with X3s and your old driver.

COB killer, or COB lover? It’s up to you.

For micro-growers, the X3 offers the ability to bring cutting-edge LED strips into cabinet, space bucket and PC case projects using cheap and widely available candy-bar drivers available for less than $10. Think about a 225 watt space bucket with even top-to-bottom lighting and no bleaching or hot spots, for under $150.

X3 SolStix too

We’ve paired the SolStrip X3 with its own pre-tapped SolSink, making X3 SolStix rack builds as simple as with the X2 strips - just add one-inch angle aluminum rails and go. We’ve anodized them in a snazzy red to celebrate the launch.

There’s more information, specifics and pictures on the X3 product page.

Will the dual-spectrum output improve quality and production over basic single-temperature systems? It remains to be seen, but I think dual spectrum may have significant advantages in both efficiency and spectral quality for horticultural applications. More laboratory and real-world testing is needed before we will know for sure.

What is clear is that poly-spectral LED systems, where control over spectral definition and intensity is entirely in the hands of the grower, is the future of LED grow light technology. That is why we are focused on creating modular, interchangeable LED strip components like the X2 and X3 SolStrips and SolStix, so that our customers can have the tools to design and control their lighting environments to suit their specific needs and growing styles.

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