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Introducing the SolStrip X2 Red/Blue strip

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At Photon Solutions we are firm believers that modern, premium quality white LEDs offer the best quality and value in horticultural lighting available today. And we believe that nearly all of a plant’s lighting requirements can be met using white LEDs in the 2700-5000K color temperature range.

At the same time, the practice behind using indoor horticultural lighting spectrums that are heavily biased toward deep blue and deep red wavelengths is proven, and well-supported by science. (What is less well established is the degree that studies based on salad greens and herbs can be applied to plants where vegetative production rate is not the sole measure of value.)

The SolStrip X2 Red/Blue strip is designed to offer home gardeners the option to add deep red and blue to their environments as they see fit. Made to be completely compatible with other X2 strips and heatsinks, they can be combined with white strips to deliver a strong, deep spectrum, or to create specialized circuits for sunrise/sunset and late bloom cycles.

Phenix 3535 Relative Spectral Power Distribution

The X2 Red/Blue is powered by 32 deep red (660nm) and 8 royal blue (445nm) three-watt  diodes, delivering up to 48 watts of targeted spectrum in the wavelengths plants use most.

These state-of-the-art Phenix 3535 diodes are made by ProLight Opto of Taiwan. They meet and exceed the quality, output and efficiency of Cree XPE monos, with better thermal management and greater resistance to humidity. And they are available at a significant cost savings to the Cree chips, which allows us to offer them to you at equally significant savings, almost 35% less than our original Cree-based X1 red/blue strip.

SolStrip X2 Red/Blues are perfect for augmenting a white LED spectrum by adding powerful deep red and deep blue spectrum that will catalyze the "Emerson effect" and turbocharge photosynthesis. They can also be used to create sunrise/sunset cycles to hasten night-cycling and promote faster maturation.

Consider adding them to SolStrip systems in a 1:4 to 1:8 ratio with white strips to fill-in the critical far-edge areas of your growroom spectrum. Or add a second red/blue only circuit in a 1:6-1:8 ratio with your main light array to juice your late bloom period intensity, and/or add sunrise/sunset cycles that can shave days off your maturation periods.

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