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Customizing Your Spectrum

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Because SolStrips are modular light components rather than dedicated “boards”, gardeners have the opportunity to combine different CCTs to created their own customized spectrum. CCT is a weighted average metric, not a specific wavelength. So 50% 3000K and 50% 4000K equals 3500K.


That said, there are growing reports and some new research suggesting that a mix of CCT diodes may accentuate some wavelengths at the deep blue and deep red ends of the spectrum, due to the unique behavior of phosphor-coated diodes in those ranges. In other words, the whole effect of a mixed-CCT lamp may be greater than the sum of its parts.


Using the three CCTs available with SolStrips, you can dial in the exact spectrum to fit your needs.


Building a dedicated bloom space and prefer a bit more blue than the typical HPS spectrum, similar to the augmented horticultural HPS bulbs? Mix a little 3500K or 5000K into your 2700K strips.


Trying to tame some sativa-dominant strains indoors? Mix 3500K and 5000K strips to create a blue-rich spectrum that will keep internode lengths at their minimums and control stretch in flower.


Here are some basic combinations of SolStrip colors that deliver virtually any CCT a gardener might want between 2700K and 5000K:


3x 2700K + 2x 3500K = 3020K

3x 3500K + 2x 2700K = 3180K

2x 2700K + 1x 5000K = 3467K

3x 2700K + 2x 5000K = 3620K

2x 3500K + 1x 5000K = 4000K

2x 2700K + 3x 5000K = 4080K

1x 2700K + 2x 5000K = 4230K

2x 3500K + 3x 5000K = 4400K

2x 5000K + 1x 3500K = 4500K

4x 5000K + 1x 3500K = 4700K



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